1. Side-Scan and Fishing
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    Side-Scan and Fishing

    Unlike traditional sonar, which offers limited underwater visibility, side scan sonar paints a comprehensive picture of the underwater landscape. This innovation offers several crucial advantages for anglers seeking to improve their fishing game. Bass anglers have heavily relied on this technology for over ten years. The advancements and improvements have made the clarity greater and finding fish habitat and fish easier.

    Side scan sonar excels at uncovering submerged structures like rocks, trees, and ledges, perfect habitat for all species. By identifying them accurately, anglers can target their casts where bass are most likely to be.

    Locating schools of baitfish is key to finding bigger fish. Side scan sonar helps anglers spot these bait-rich areas, indicating potential bass activity. Armed with this information, anglers can adapt their tactics to match prevailing conditions, boosting their chances of a successful catch. On sidescan you can see exactly how large schools

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  2. Lowrance:  The HDS Ultimate Fishing System
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    Lowrance: The HDS Ultimate Fishing System

    Learn about Lowrance's newest chartplotter / fishfinder line-up, HDS PRO.

    See more and catch more with HDS® PRO, the ultimate fishfinding tool. With built-in support for the new, ultra high-definition Active Imaging™ HD and the new, highest-resolution live sonar ActiveTarget® 2 you’ll see more clearly and find more fish than ever before.

    Level up to the ultimate fishfinding clarity with ultra high-definition Active Imaging™ HD sonar. Get the clearest images of fish and structure with Lowrance® CHIRP sonar. And experience new FishReveal™ SideScan* and DownScan views, to easily identify fish to the sides and beneath the boat. *Requires S3100 module and compatible transducer.

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