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BOE Marine  is utilized by many manufacturers to liquidate closeout and discontinued units. These units are clearly marked on our site, and represent a great deal. Sometimes we even get remanufactured units. These are also clearly marked. Otherwise, everything else on our site is brand new. These closeouts and remans represent great deals. Our customers have been taking advantage of these sales for over a decade, and we have come to be known as a great resource for deals like this.


Specials can not be combined with any other offers/coupons or promotions.

Qualifying Items:

Garmin: 8610, 8610xsv, 8612, 8612xsv, 8616, 8616xsv, Fantom 18, Fantom 24, Fantom 54, Fantom 56, Fantom 124, Fantom 126, Reactor 40 w/ SmartPump

Simrad: NSS12 evo3s, NSS16 evo3s, NSS9 evo3s w/Halo20+, NSS12 evo3s w/Halo24+, NSO evo3s 16, NSO evo3s 19, Halo-6, Halo-4, Halo-3, Halo24


Lowrance:Halo 24

B&G: Halo 24

Raymarine: Axiom+ 12, Axiom+ 12 RV, Q24D, 4kW Magnum, 12kW Magnum, EV-400, EV-300, M232, M300C


Our BEST Deals:

Garmin GMR 24 xHD Radar w/15m Cable
Garmin GMR 24 xHD Radar w/15m Cable
was$2,111.99Special Price$1,995.83
GMR 24 xHD Radar with 15m Cable4 kW high-definition 24” dome radarPairs ease of use with... Learn More

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Revere Coastal Commander 2.0 Liferaft - 6 person capacity - Valise Packed
Revere Coastal Commander 2.0 Liferaft - 6 person capacity - Valise Packed
Authorized Liferaft Dealer - please call us for expert advice on the recreational raft to suit your... Learn More