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  1. Garmin GPSMAP 1042xsv/1242xsv Series Chartplotter/Fishfinder Combo With built in CHIRP Technology
    Garmin GPSMAP 1042xsv/1242xsv Series Chartplotter/Fishfinder Combo With built in CHIRP Technology

    The new GPSMAP 1042xsv and 1242xsv  are a great solution for those boaters who prefer a full button or keyed unit, but don't want to lose out on the technology that the touch screen displays have to offer. Available in a 10" and 12" screen size these units are packed with everything you need to make it to you destination. It doesn't matter if your just going for a cruise or after that trophy fish this unit can get you there.  **Note, the 1242XSV is also offered in a Touch Screen version.


    The 1kw CHIRP sonar is a great tool for fishermen near and of

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  2. Lowrance HDS Gen3 Buyers Guide
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    Lowrance HDS Gen3 Buyers Guide

    The Lowrance HDS Gen3 Series is Lowrance's latest release for 2015 packed full of Lowrance's latest technology!  Built-in Down Scan, Side Scan, CHIRP, Wifi and more.  We can help you pick out the right system for your boat. In fact, Lowrance has recently instituted a new pricing structure, so these units will be offered at the same price no matter who you buy from. You might as well buy from the dealer that will advise you on how to properly outfit your boat for your needs, and the dealer that will pick up the phone after the sale to answer your questions once you start using the new system.  BOE is that dealer, we have the deepest knowledge base of any marine electronics retailer.   We'll be glad to help you! 

    If you ever find a lower price, whether it is a dealer rebate, or package deal or whatever, just let us know and we'll match it if able.  And you'll still be able to get our World Class support.

    This "Buyer's Guide" is intended to give a brief overview of the units

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  3. New Garmin Smartpump - Autopilot
    New Garmin Smartpump - Autopilot

    If you are shopping for an autopilot you've no doubt run across Garmin's new Smartpump.  You've also probably had some sticker shock from the price.  Why does it cost so much and what does it do?  

    First, the Smartpump features a brushless motor design.  This feature alone accounts for much of the improvement and Garmin is the only one to offer such a design.  A brushless motor increases reliability, runs quieter, increases pump life, reduces power consumption and is more efficient.  It also enables a host of performance features such as Garmin's Intelligent Rudder Rate Technology (IRRT).  This will increase or

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  4. Marine Electronics Software Update How-to
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    Marine Electronics Software Update How-to
    Looking for the latest features on your electronics? Trying to fix a bug? We'll show you how to do a software update.
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  5. NMEA 0183 Interfacing Guide
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    NMEA 0183 Interfacing Guide
    Get the most out of your electronics setup by interfacing compatible devices with NMEA 0183. We'll tell you how.
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  6. NMEA2000 Networking Guide
    NMEA2000 Networking Guide

    Basics - NMEA2000 (N2K) is a new protocol to exchange information between marine electronics components.  Most people are intimidated by it as the various manufacturers have not done a good job at explaining how it all works.  We'll try to do that here.  I will start with this statement - N2K is unbelievably easy.  If you start to overthink things and get confused please refer back to that statement. 

    A N2K network is basically a length of N2K cable with a N2K power source and a terminator on each end.  That's it.  Now that the network is established you can pull a terminator off the end, add a N2K "T" connector, pop the terminator back on the end of the "T" and run a device (such as a N2K GPS antenna) off the bottom of that T.  All N2K T's work the same, most are labeled. Basically the T will carry the network across the horizontal part (as you view "T" in a senten

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  7. Transducers - Which one is right for me?
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    Transducers - Which one is right for me?

    How to Select the Best MarineTransducer 

    Fishfinder transducers are often a source of confusion among our customers.  Let's try to simplify it. 

    There are three basic styles of transducers:

    • Thru-hull - requires a hole to be drilled through the bottom of your boat to fit the ducer
    • In-Hull - also called "shoot through" - these are epoxied or glued inside your bilge
    • Transom Mount - these screw onto the transom

    Each style of ducer has its benefits and drawbacks. 

    • Thru-hull (good) - offer
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  8. Electronics - Networking vs Interfacing
    Electronics - Networking vs Interfacing

    hese the terms "Networking" and "Interfacing" are often confused. Lets define them.


    • Networking - This is a proprietary protocol for multi-function displays to exchange information and share sensors. Basically, it allows two or more displays from the same manufacturer to connect to each other with a simple network cable so whatever you are able to see on one display you are able to see on the other. Networking allows you to share complex data such as radar information, fishfinder data, weather data, etc. A few years ago networking did not exist, so if a radar antenna was connected to a display it would only be able to be used from that display. With modern networks the radar c an be plugged into one display but controllable and viewable from another. Networking is very useful on boats with multiple stations, or in cases where the owner simply wants the flexibility to view any system component on any screen.


    • Interfacing
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  9. NMEA2000 for your Boat Engine
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    NMEA2000 for your Boat Engine
    Looking to get your engine data onto your multifunction display? We dive into it in this article.
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  10. AIS Connections for Standard GX2200 to Garmin 7600 Series
    AIS Connections for Standard GX2200 to Garmin 7600 Series

    GX2200 Gray NMEA Out + to Garmin Brown RX + (NMEA IN +)

    GX2200 Brown NMEA Out - to Garmin Black NMEA Ground – 


    If you want connect the Garmin GPS output.

    SH Blue In+ to Garmin Blue Out + 

    SH Green In- to Garmin NMEA Ground Black 


    You will need to change the Communications Settings in the Garmin for Port 1 to NMEA HS (High Speed) data. You will also need to change the NMEA Baud rate in the GX2200 to 38400 (High Speed) in the General Setup Menu - NMEA In/Out.

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