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We have a great selection of stand-alone radars from all the best brands including Si-tex, Furuno, Simrad and more. If you are in need of a dedicated radar that includes a display then this is for you. Offered in a variety of configurations from inexpensive, low power compact systems, to huge powerful open arrays for commercial vessels.

Looking for the best online portal to buy stand-alone radars at reasonable rates? Your search ends at BOE Marine. We have a wide selection of stand alone radars from some of the most reputed bands, such as Furuno, SI-TEX, Simrad, and many more. So if you are in dire need of a dedicated SI-TEX, Furuno and Simrad marine radar system that has a powerful display, then our collection is for you! Available in a wide variety of configurations and categories - ranging from cheap, low power compact marine radar packages, to the bigger, more powerful open array stand-alone radars for commercial watercraft - we have all of them!

Boaters, at present, have more options to choose from than anytime in history. When it comes down to small boat radar systems, you can even go for the powerful open array marine radar systems. With so many choices at your service, it’s crucial than ever to pick wisely. A radar represents a decent investment in marine equipment that the boaters would probably live with for years to come. Radars are a key specimen of technology, which when smartly used, can help in safe navigation through rough waters. We have the best marine electronics package of 2018 and 2019. So why wait when you can easily buy a branded stand-alone radar at affordable price exclusively at BOE Marine! Check out our collection of stand alone radars by big brands now!

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