Our Advisors

Jim Maier

Head Honcho

Favorite activity outside of work?

Dream Job? Train Engineer or Fighter Pilot

What do you like about working at BOE Marine and RV? The opportunity to help fulfill people's visions and dreams with their boats and RV's

Beth Maier

Hobbies outside of work? Cooking and baking, kart racing, gardening and sailing

What do you like about BOE Marine? All the crazy people under our roof and their mindset to exceed our customer's expectations.

Favorite place to Fish? Horseshoe Shoal



Favorite Vacation Spot? St. Thomas

Dream Job? Inventor

Hobbies Outside of Work? Working out, furthering my education, and brainstorming new ideas.


Customer Service

Where did you grow up? Eastern Shore

Name a super power you wish you had. The ability to fly

Favorite activity outside of work? Going to the beach.


Service Manager



Favorite activity outside of work? Spending time with my family

Favorite Vacation Spot? Atlantic Beach, NC

Power or Sail? Power

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