1. Radar for Your Boat
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    Radar for Your Boat

    Radars are the greatest collision avoidance system made for the recreational boater. Marine radars allow you to navigate through darkness, fog and choppy weather conditions. Today, radars are compact units that draw minimal electricity and fit boats as small as 18' in length. Radar can be a real life saver when paired with the best electronics package. Consider the following questions when browsing for a radar:

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  2. Choosing the Correct Life Raft for Your Needs
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    Choosing the Correct Life Raft for Your Needs

    We'll help you choose the right liferaft for your needs. Read this guide to learn all about liferafts.

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  3. EPIRBS vs PLB's
    EPIRBS vs PLB's

    Which epirb is right for me?

    E.P.I.R.B. = Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon. This is basically a device that will broadcast your position to the US Coast Guard when activated, and let them know you are in peril so. This will notify the USCG to send the Cavalry and let them know who to look for and where.

    EPIRBS are offered in a variety of formats. The only ones we recommend have built-in GPS's, so that is what we will be discussing here. It is possible to get them without a GPS, however since these have become available with GPS there is no reason to get one without GPS. The two types of locating devices we will discuss are EPIRBS and PLB's (Personal LocatorBeacons)

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