CO - Carbon Monoxide is a fatal byproduct of combustion, which should be looked after in all living spaces of your boat - just like your home! But how? Using the quality and tested fume detectors at BOE Marine, you can make sure your boat stays well-equipped against smoke and fumes in all the sleeping places. To get all-in-one protection of your vessel, you can consider buying a marine fume detector with heat detection capability, a gas fume detector, and an alarm so you can be notified and warned in time of any leakage of propane (if you use propane as the fuel).

The same considerations stand true when it comes to securing your RV against potential harm through leakage of carbon monoxide. The latest collections of boat gas detectors and similar equipment at BOE Marine is all about the advanced lineup of marine-grade CO detectors, fume detectors, and more marine gas detection tools and systems. We have fume detectors from some of the most popular brands like Maretron to ensure you get nothing but the best quality products at the most reasonable rates in the market.

These fume detectors can monitor the concentration of harmful gases in the air and even the alarm to alert you in case of a potential hazard. Tested for performance and results, the Maretron fume detectors we offer help avoid explosive incidents or fires that occur due to leaking propane gas and gasoline vapor.

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