Big Boat, Bigger System

If you want a great sound system on your boat, or upgraded TV system, you've landed on the right page. We stock a wide variety of weather resistant marine audio and television equipment to pimp out your boat. From speakers, subs, amps, stereos, and satellite TV, you will find all of the cable and gear needed to hook everything up in your boat.

We carry a wide variety of marine audio equipment from several major brands. If your gear is not designed to withstand water, salt and sun it won't last. It's important to choose the right gear for your boat that can withstand the abuse of the weather. Here at BOE Marine we offer a ton of marine rated gear that is built to defend against the elements.

Not sure what to buy? There is lots of confusion with stereos. This should get you going - if you want a basic system with 2-4 speakers then you will not need an amplifier or expensive speakers. 100W to 200W/Pair speakers will be just fine. If you want a system that will turn heads, or that will play clearly over loud boat noise while underway then you'll want to add an amplifier. Match the amp output with speaker size. You'll want to get speakers that can handle the output power of the amp. Plan on getting enough channels for each speaker, so if you have 6 speakers you'll want a 6 channel amp. If you have a subwoofer it will use 2 channels.

We carry all of the accessories to complete your install like speaker wire, and fuse blocks.


Marine speakers are one place where we suggest spending a little extra money. A decent set of speakers is around $150/pair. A great set of speakers is around $300/pair. What do you get for this extra money? Easily double the life, if not triple. And all the while you'll get superior sound. It really is a no-brainer. We deal with all major brands of high-end audio. JL has long been considered the premier brand in marine audio. Wet Sounds also brings great sound. We only offer Wet Sounds to our local market. Fusion is the absolute best bang for the buck, and offers an unbeatable 3-year warranty.

Wet Sounds, Fusion, and JL speakers available with plastic cones, rubber surrounds and non-corrosive mounting hardware. Fight off the wind, water, and other noises with the power of music. Find our best-selling speakers below.


We have plenty of options featuring tons of power, coated circuit boards, and non-corrosive connectors. If you love your music loud an external amp is calling your name.


Pump up the bass and invest in a powerful marine subwoofer. For maximum weather protection, shop our subs with plastic cones and rubber surrounds. The free-air subs are perfect for challenging mounting locations.


Check out our stereos with satellite radio controls and water resistant face plates. Built in bluetooth connection is availble and will allow you to stream music or make calls without taking your hand off the helm.


KVH offers many marine systems for leisurely use. With TracVision marine satellite system you can enjoy clear reception, wide range coverage and high performance tracking when watching your favorite TV programs. Most of their new SAT TV systems have a wifi interface making configuration easy from a smart device like a phone or ipad!

Intellian Satellite TV

If you're looking for a dependable, easy to use satellite TV system then Intellian is right for you. The systems are designed to work in all sea conditions and feature antennas with fewer moving parts making the systems smaller, quieter and easy to install.

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