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Garmin offers ice fishing bundles that include fishfinders, transducers, and other accessories designed specifically for ice fishing. These bundles are convenient options for anglers looking to get all the necessary equipment in one package. While the specific bundles available may vary by year and region, here are some common components you can expect to find in Garmin ice fishing bundles:

Fishfinder Unit: The core component of the bundle is the fishfinder unit itself. Garmin offers various models with different screen sizes and features to choose from. These units typically come with a rugged design suitable for cold-weather use.


Transducer: A transducer is included with the bundle. This device is essential for sending and receiving sonar signals to detect fish and underwater structures. Garmin's ice fishing transducers are designed for ice fishing and can be mounted on your ice fishing gear.



Mounting Accessories: The bundle may include mounting accessories like a sturdy mount or bracket specifically designed for ice fishing. This ensures that the fishfinder unit is securely attached to your ice fishing setup.


Battery and Power Cable: Garmin ice fishing bundles usually come with a rechargeable battery or a power cable that connects to your ice fishing power source. Depending on the bundle, you may receive a portable power pack or other power options.


Carrying Case: Many Garmin ice fishing bundles include a carrying case or bag to transport and protect your equipment. This is especially useful for keeping your gear organized and protected during transport and storage.

Ice Fishing Mode: Garmin fishfinders typically have ice fishing mode settings that optimize the display for ice fishing conditions. This mode may include features like flasher mode, which provides a real-time sonar view suitable for ice anglers.

Additional Accessories: Some bundles may include additional accessories such as an ice fishing float or rod holder to assist with ice fishing operations.

The specific components and features included in Garmin ice fishing bundles can vary, so it's essential to check the product description and specifications for each bundle to ensure it meets your needs. Additionally, consider your budget and the type of fishing you plan to do to choose the most suitable bundle for your ice fishing adventures.