Marine safety is an often overlooked facet of boating. At BOE, we have been advising customers on the proper safety items for their application for 15 years! We are the largest liferaft retailer for some of the major brands. We are one of the leading retailers of EPIRBS and other safety items. Basically, we know what we're talking about and are happy to assist you.


We carry liferafts from several major brands. Our most popular recreational rafts are from Revere, and are what 90% of our customers buy. We carry several other brands as well, and we carry commercial rafts. These are all quoted on request. Please note, all rafts generally have a Hazmat & Oversized shipping fee of approx $120. Also, many rafts will show as "out of stock", this is because our rafts are generally made to order so the consumer gets the max life out of it.


No matter where you boat, you can benefit from an EPIRB or PLB. We have a complete tutorial to help you select which is right for you, it is linked below. Briefly, an EPIRB is a larger device that stays with the boat. It can be tossed in the water if you should be in peril, and it will summons the Authorities for rescue. A PLB is a personal device carried in a pocket or latched to a PFD. It's battery life is not as long as an EPIRB, and it must be held up to communicate vs floating like an EPIRB. We recommend all boats have an EPIRB. But if you do not want to spend what it costs to get one, then at least get a PLB.

Need Advice?  EPIRB vs PLB - Which is right for me?

Our most popular brand for either is ACR. However we carry many other brands as well.


Your Complete Safety Outfitter

We have a complete array of safety items to keep your time on the water safe. Medical Kits, PFD's, Safety Lights, Waterproof bags, Fume detectors and more. Some of our most popular safety items are below. You can find a full list of all safety categories in the column to the left.  Or click HERE

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