Wet Sounds REVO Series Buyers Guide

Wet Sounds Revo Series Speakers

If you are looking for the best quality marine speakers and you landed here, then you're in the right place. Wet Sounds' all new REVO Series Coaxial Speakers and Subs are the absolute best on the market. They are the best in so many ways. Best construction, best styling, and best sounding. We at BOE Marine are one of Wet Sounds longest running dealers and we specialize in building high end audio systems. Please contact us for detailed info and to spec out a system for your boat or vehicle.

Notable REVO Series Features:

  • 1" Titanium Tweeter for crisp and clear high frequency details
  • Exclusive Nylon Reinforced Fiberglass frame
  • The only santoprene rubber spider in the industry
  • All Speakers/Subs include RGB's built-in
  • Available in 6", 8" and 10" (10" to be released later in 2017)

6" REVO Coax Specs

POWER(W) 100/200 (RMS/Peak)
SENSITIVITY 90db at 1W/Meter

8" REVO Coax Specs

POWER(W) 150/300 (RMS/Peak)
SENSITIVITY 92db at 1W/Meter

All speakers come with RGB lights pre-installed. If you want a single color you can simply connect it to 12V power. If you want any color you can connect it to an RGB light controller. If you don't want any lights at all just don't connect them. Boring....

Wet Sounds Revo 8-XWW 8 Wet Sounds Revo 6-SWW 6.5 Wet Sounds Revo 6-XSB-SS 6.5 Wet Sounds Revo 6-XSG-SS 6.5

XW-W - The classy look, with stylish chrome inserts

SW-W - Classy with a little "edge"

XS-B-SS - Blacked out background wth Stainless Steel grille

XS-G-SS- Silver grille with Gunmetal background

Wet Sounds Revo 6-XSS 6.5 Wet Sounds Revo 6-XSW-SS 6.5 Wet Sounds Revo 6-XWB 6.5

XS-S - All Silver baby!

XS-W-SS - Stainless Steel grille with White background

XW-B - Classy in an ebony kinda way

SW-B - Black SW Series

REVO Series Subwoofers - All New!

Wet Sounds REVO Series Subwoofers come in 10" or 12". You buy the size and color you need, then buy a grille to match your speakers. Grilles are listed here

Subwoofers are available in Free Air configs and High Power Configs. Typically, on a boat, if you are mounting the subwoofer in the same way you are mounting the speakers by cutting a hole, then you'll want "Free Air". If you are fabricating an enclosure then choose HP.

Amps! New HTX Series and SDX Series Amps

Wet Sounds newest amps are nothing short of amazing. Their quality, sound, and features are the best in the industry. The Hydro-Tech X Series Amps (HTX) are high powered multi-channel full range Class D amps. Their Syndicate DX Series (SYN DX) are universal hybrid amps that allow you to configure to power any combination of speakers setups.

Wet Sounds HTX1 Amplifier

Wet Sounds HTX1 Amp - $399.99

  • 1 Channel
  • Ideal for powering a Subwoofer
  • RMS@ 4 Ohms MONO 330 Watts x 1 RMS
  • RMS@ 2 Ohms MONO 650 Watts x 1 RMS
Wet Sounds HTX2 Amplifier

Wet Sounds HTX2 Amp - $429.99

  • 2 Channel
  • Ideal for powering a Pair of 6" Speakers
  • RMS@ 4 Ohms STEREO 150 Watts x 2 RMS
  • RMS@ 2 Ohms STEREO 300 Watts x 2 RMS
  • RMS@ 4 Ohms MONO 600 Watts x 1 RMS
Wet Sounds HTX-4 Amp

Wet Sounds HTX4 Amp - $449.99

  • 4 Channel Amp
  • Ideal for powering 2 pairs of 6" Speakers, a pair of 6" Speakers and a sub, 2 Subs, or a Pair of 8" speakers
  • RMS@ 4 Ohms STEREO 100 Watts x 4 RMS
  • RMS@ 2 Ohms STEREO 150 Watts x 4 RMS
  • RMS@ 4 Ohms MONO 300 Watts x 2 RMS
Wet Sounds HTX6 Amp

Wet Sounds HTX6 Amp - $549.99

  • 6 Channel Amp
  • Ideal for powering 2 pairs of 6" Speakers and a Sub
  • RMS@ 4 Ohms STEREO 100 Watts x 6 RMS
  • RMS@ 2 Ohms STEREO 150 Watts x 6 RMS
  • RMS@ 4 Ohms MONO 300 Watts x 3 RMS
Wet Sounds SYN DX-2 Amplifier

Wet Sounds SYN DX-2 Amp - $569.99

  • 2 Channel Amp
  • RMS@ 4 Ohms STEREO 200 Watts x 2 RMS
  • RMS@ 2 Ohms STEREO 375 Watts x 2 RMS
  • RMS@ 4 Ohms MONO 750 Watts x 1 RMS
Wet Sounds SYN-DX4 Amplifier

Wet Sounds SYN DX-4 Amp - $599.99

  • 4 Channel Amp
  • RMS@ 4 Ohms STEREO 125 Watts x 4 RMS
  • RMS@ 2 Ohms STEREO 200 Watts x 4 RMS
  • RMS@ 4 Ohms MONO 400 Watts x 2 RMS
Wet Sounds Syn DX6 Amplifier

Wet Sounds SYN DX-6 Amp - $899.99

  • 6 Channel Amp

Channels 1-4

  • RMS@ 4 Ohms STEREO 125 Watts x 4 RMS
  • RMS@ 2 Ohms STEREO 200 Watts x 4 RMS
  • RMS@ 4 Ohms MONO 400 Watts x 2 RMS

Channels 5-6

  • RMS@ 4 Ohms STEREO 150 Watts x 4 RMS
  • RMS@ 2 Ohms STEREO 300 Watts x 4 RMS
  • RMS@ 4 Ohms MONO 600 Watts x 2 RMS

Wet Sounds also offers their Sinister Series Amps using Wet Sounds exclusive Class D MAXED Power Supplies for insane audio systems. You can view Sinister amps here, but we recommend you call us at 866.735.5926 for specific product info and to build your new system. 

Popular Wet Sounds Accessories 

Wet Sounds Bluetooth Rocker Switch Controller Wet Sounds Bluetooth Rocker Switch Controller - $99.99 - easily mounts into any rocker switch panel and instantly becomes your sound system controller. Can replace your stereo. A sample setup would be to remove your existing boat stereo and install this controller. Have it connect directly to your amplifier to control the sound system, and play Pandora music to it from your cell phone via bluetooth. Go Now>>
Wet Sounds A-Link Send and Receive Kit Wet Sounds' new A-Link Send/Receive Kit -$149.99 - What the heck is this thing? The A-Link is a proprietary Wet Sounds product that literally connects the sound system from one boat to another (and to another and another with enough of them). Each handheld has a Aux-in and Aux-Out. Simply put one remote on the boat playing the tunes and plug into the Aux-in on the handheld, then put another on another boat and plug the Aux-Out into the boat. Instantly both boats are playing the same thing. A must for the sand bar. Go Now>>
wet Sounds RGB LED Controller Wet Sounds RGB Controller - $99.99 - Light up your LED Rope Lights or new REVO Speakers using Wet Sounds' new RGB Controller. This can power up to 30' of lights and features an easy to use RF Controller. Go Now>>
Wet Sounds REV6X9 Under Gunwale Speakers Wet Sounds REV 6X9 Under Gunwale Speakers avail in White or Black - $699.99 - Now you can easily mount these high output speakers under your gunwale to maximize space and mounting location. A great add-on to any boat with a cockpit. Go Now>>
Wet Sounds Wet Wire Fuse Block RCA Fuses, RCA Cables, Speaker Wire, and more. Wet Sounds Wet Wire - We stock all of the Factory Wet Sounds accessories to complete your system. If you can't find it on the site just call us, if we don't have it we can get it fast. Wet Sounds Wet Wire
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