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AIS Systems

If you are buying an AIS receiver or transponder for the very first time, you might know how crucial it is to pick the right one. Automatic Identification System for small boats- AIS allows the wireless exchange of navigation status and info between boats and shore-side traffic monitoring centers and coastal stations. Boe Marine is one of the most reputed providers of the best AIS for yachts, no matter you need a receiver or a transponder.

From commercial ships to recreational and ocean-going boats - most of the latest models come with AIS transceivers broadcast AIS messages. It includes details about the vessel, such as name, speed, course, current navigation status, etc. The Garmin Class AIS receiver can pick radio signals from Class A and Class B AIS transponders and convert them into NMEA data sentences that are read by AIS-enabled chartplotters or computers. Boe Marine’s range of AIS receivers enable quick and easy connection to NMEA standard chartplotters from brands like Raymarine, Garmin, Furuno, Lowrance, and more.

Other popular marine AISs are Raymarine AIS650, Garmin AIS receiver, Garmin AIS 800, Raymarine AIS650, Vesper 850 watchmate & smartAIS, Vesper xb 6000 and Digital Yacht AIT3000. Our best AIS Transceiver and Transponders of 2018 and 2019 are available at the best prices. The Class B AIS lets you see not only the AIS-equipped traffic but also to be seen by them too! Using the best AIS transponder, you can enjoy the advantages of a dual-channel parallel AIS receiver and a GPS receiver. You can order your desired AIS transponder at best price exclusively from our store. Check out the collection now!

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