Raymarine Axiom Series Buyers Guide

Raymarine, a subsidiary of FLIR, has set the bar with their new Axiom Series of Multifunction Displays.   We're going to tell you all about Axiom here, and how to assemble the perfect system for you.

The Axiom Series is available in 3 screen sizes.  7", 9" and 12".  All of them are touch screens, and there is an optional keypad called the RMK-10 which allows for operation via tactile buttons.  

The Axiom displays (hardware) are offered a number of different ways.  

Option 1 - Chartplotter Only (7" ,9" ,12")
Option 2 - (DV) Available with Sonar and DownVision (7" only)
Option 3 - (RV) Available with Sonar, DownVision and RealVision (7", 9", 12")

Additionally you can get units pre-loaded with different kinds of Cartography.  

Option 1 - LNC - Lighthouse Charts - These are Raymarine's proprietary charts by Fugawai, and include both Raster and Vector charts - popular for cruisers
Option 2 - Navionics + - Popular Navionics Cartography for all USA Tidal and Fresh Water Lakes, including bathymetric SonarCharts - popular for fisherman

These units are also available with no charts for European markets and South American charts. But the packages listed above are what is most popular for the USA. 

If you are paying attention, and you were good at math in 3rd grade, you'll see each display is available in up 6 different configurations. To add to the confusion these displays are offered with or without transducers.  Pre-bundled transducer options are:

Option 1 - CPT-100DVS - This is Raymarine's transom mounted CHIRP DownVision transducer.  
Option 2 - RV-100 Transom Mounted CHIRP Transducer with DownVision and RealVision
Option 3 - CPT-S - CHIRP Sonar, does not include DownVision - Transom Mount (7" Only)
Option 4 - No Transdcuer

OK, not sure how many variants we are up to now, it's a lot, but at least you know what each of them are. 



STEP 1 - Pick a display - Here are the various options that are popular in the US market.

Axiom 7 Axiom 9 Axiom 12



STEP 2 - Pick a Transducer if you want Sonar/FF - The units come bundled with a select few transducers as seen above, however, many different transducers are compatible.  In case one of the pre-bundled options doesn't work for your particular needs then here are some additional options.  It should be noted that we at BOE are experts on transducers and are happy to help you select the right one should this guide not get you a definitive answer.

Transom Mount Options:

  • CPT-S Conical High Chirp - Ideal for basic sonar, will provide depth and a CHIRP Fishfinder Image.  Great for Sailboats
  • CPT-100 DVS - CHIRP Sonar, CHIRP Downvision - Great for small fishing boats only needing DownVision and not RealVision
  • RV-100 - RealVision Transducer, provides CHIRP Sonar, CHIRP DownVision and CHIRP RealVision - the best Transom Mount available for  Axiom

Real Vision Thru-Hull Options: 

The Axiom Series can also use any of Airmar's popular CHIRP Transducers like the B175, M265, etc.  But it requires the use of a CP470 CHIRP Sonar Module.  The CP470 requires either a 2 element CHIRP Transducer or two Single Element CHIRP Transducers to operate properly.  A Dual Element Transducer will plug right into the CP470.  If you have two single element CHIRP transducers then you'll need the A102146 Y Cable.  If you want to use a single Single Element CHIRP Transducer then you will need the A80328 Adapter Cable. 




STEP 3 - Add a Radar

Axiom is compatible with all of Raymarine Open Array and Dome radars including their new Quantum Dome.  You can find a complete list of Raymarine Radars below:




STEP 4 - Add Cables and Accessories

The Axiom units are NMEA2000 compatible with a N2K plug as part of the power cable, and Raynet compatible.  Raynet is Raymarine's version of ethernet.  NMEA2000 will share anything numeric such as depth, speed and position data, while Raynet will share anything video related like Radar and Fishfinder. Any Axiom unit connected to either of these networks will share the data listed above.  The Axiom units have an internal GPS antenna, so an external antenna is not needed.  However, if the display is buried in a pilothouse, or otherwise in an area where it will not receive GPS data then you will need the external antenna.  Axiom uses the industry standard NMEA2000 while all Axiom accessories use SeatalkNG.  So you'll need to decide if you want to create a SeatalkNG network and adapt Axiom to it, or create a NMEA2000 network and adapt SeatalkNG accessories to it.  See popular accessories below:





Notes on Networking - Each Axiom display has 1 Raynet Port and one NMEA2000 Port. Only one NMEA2000 port is required to connect it to a NMEA2000 or SeatalkNG network.  If you plan to connect to a Seatalk NG network you will need a SeatalkNG adapter cable.  

In regards to Raynet there are some limitations. With just one Raynet port on each unit you'll need to pay attention to how many additional Raynet peripherals you are using.  For example, if you have a Radar and a CP470 Sonar module, you'll need two ports total, one for each.  The only way to handle this is to buy a Raynet Hub listed above.  In regards to Raynet, it doesn't not matter where the open Raynet ports may be, whether on the backs of units or on the Hub, you just need to have enough open ports. If you are networking 2 units together you'll just need to buy a Raynet cable. If you are adding a radar, FF Module, SR150 Weather Module or any other Raynet device you will need to buy a Hub. If you are trying to network more than one Raynet device to a single Axiom display then you will need a Hub. All network peripherals include a network cable so the only time you'll need to buy one is for the 2nd (or more, 1 each) Axiom displays.


STEP 5 - Add FLIR - with Raymarine being owned by FLIR, they offer the best FLIR integration.  FLIR has 2 new Cameras coming out called the M100 and M200 which offer "Clear Cruise" technology that will provide audible alerts of obstructions.  In the meantime these cameras are available. 



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