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  1. Sea Swivel- Essential Trolling Motor Mount
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    Sea Swivel- Essential Trolling Motor Mount

    Boating enthusiasts know that every piece of equipment on their vessel can make a significant difference in their overall experience on the water. One such piece of equipment is the Sea Swivel, a heavy-duty, marine-grade CNC-made pivoting bracket designed to enhance the functionality and versatility of your trolling motor. If you're considering upgrading your boat's gear, the Sea Swivel should be at the top of your list. Here's why.

    Optimal Trolling Motor Positioning

    The primary advantage of the Sea Swivel is its ability to maneuver your trolling motor into the correct position while deployed. This means you can easily adjust the motor to ensure optimal performance, whether you are navigating through tight spots or trying to maintain a steady course. The pivoting bracket allows for precise control, giving you the confidence to handle your boat with ease and efficiency.

    Customizable Stowage

    One of the most common issues with

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  2. Release of the Kraken
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    Release of the Kraken

    The Kraken has been released! The Garmin Kraken that is.  BOE now has several models available for purchase!

    This new trolling motor by Garmin offers a range of impressive features tailored for all vessels as well as boats limited bow space. Its longer shaft and pivot-style mount facilitate easy installation, while its robust composite construction ensures durability in harsh marine conditions, complete with advanced corrosion and saltwater protection.

    Designed for rough open-water conditions, it can operate at either 24 or 36 volts, thanks to its powerful brushless motor. With thrust power of 100 lbs, it stands as the most potent trolling motor in the market. It seamlessly integrates with Garmin chartplotters, providing wireless connectivity.

    Additionally, it includes anchor lock and multi-band GPS features to enhance fishing precision. The motor's

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