Question:  What is the best trolling motor? - Mike M.  

Answer:  There are two types of trolling motors for boats.  Stern mount, and bow mount. Stern mount motors are generally just used for propelling the boat through th ewater slowly and quietly.  Bow mount are used for positioning the boat, holding station, or moving around in any direction. Bow mount are the most common.  They are offered in a variety of configurations to suit any boat.  The questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • How much voltage do I need for my trolling motor? - The higher the voltage the more power or thrust they can create.  But you need a suitable battery bank with an onboard charger to create the right amount of volts.  Options include 12V, 24V and 36V.  Make sure you get a powerful enough motor to move your boat based on the manufacturers specs.
  • What length shaft do I need for my trolling motor? -  Trolling motors come in various lengths.  The lenth required is based on your freeboard at the bow. The higher your freeboard (height of deck from the water), the longer shaft you will need to keep the motor in the water. 
  • What kind of controls do I need for my trolling motor? - There are three types, hand control, fooot control, or remote control.  Bass fisherman generally like foot control so they can move quickly and easily among onbstructions like docks.  Open water fishermen like remote control to set trolling patterns or hold a position.  Hand control is the most basic and least common.  
  • Do I need GPS in my trolling motor? - If you want to use foot control, and want to be nimble as you move around docks or jettys then you likely don't need a GPS equipped trolling motor.  If you want to use virtual anchoring, or move along trolling patterns then you will want GPS.
  • Saltwater or Fresh Water? - This affects the construction and materials used, but not the features.  Buy what is appropriate for your usage.

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