Question: What is the best marine stereo? - Lynn S

Answer: Marine stereos come in 2 basic levels of quality.  There are automotive stereos with coated circuit boards to help them live longer in th emarine environment.  Then there are dedicated marine stereos with waterproof housings. We only recommend going with dedicated marine stereos.  Fusion is th ebest brand for a number of reasons. First is because of how resistent to water and moisture they are.  They'll simply last longer in the marine environment. Next is how they integrate well with other boat systems because they have wireless functionality and NMEA2000.  This means you can incorporate them into a larger network on your boat.  For example, you can mount the stereo in the cabin, but use your Garmin chartpplotter at the helm as a remote for full stereo control. Fusion stereos come in a variety of configurations from DVD players, to touchscreens, to compact units. There is a Fusion stereo available to suit any boat. - Jim Maier

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