Question:  What is the best fishfinder? - Austin O.

Answer:  Fishfinder technology has really improved over the recent years.  Especially with the introduction of CHIRP. Consequently, you need to consider several things before determining what is the best fishfinder for you.  These are the 4 main things to consider before getting specific as to which is the best fishfinder for you.

  • Budget - how much do you want to spend? Sonar systems range in price from $200 to $3,000 for recreational systems. 
  • Screen Size - how big can you fit, how big do you want? 
  • Combo or strictly a fishfinder - some people prefer dedicated fishfinders.  Many more people prefer combo units that have fishfinder and gps built in. They cost about the same, might as well get the gps too, even if it is just a backup.
  • Power and technology - how deep do you want to go?  Do you need 600W or 1kW or more? Do you want the latest CHIRP technology or is standard fishfinder technology fine?

Once you figure these things out you can start to look at unit specs and pinpoint what sonar would be best for you. Here are some of the more popular units we carry.

Top 5 Fishfinders

Standalone Fishfinders

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