Lowrance, has introduced a groundbreaking product for anglers seeking unrivaled fishfinding capabilities. The Lowrance Active Imaging HD Fish Reveal Transducer sets a new standard for clarity, providing fishermen with the clearest images of fish and underwater structures. Combining the power of Lowrance CHIRP sonar, high-frequency
SideScan/DownScan Imaging, and innovative FishReveal technology, this transducer makes fish identification effortless and enhances the fishing experience.

With the Active Imaging HD Fish Reveal Transducer, anglers can expect the highest- definition views of Lowrance CHIRP, SideScan, and DownScan Imaging. The CHIRP technology delivers exceptional views of individual fish targets, while DownScan Imaging provides photo-like images of rocks, trees, bottom composition, and other underwater structures beneath the boat. This clarity enables anglers to understand how fish relate to the structure, giving them an edge in locating and targeting all species.

FishReveal, a revolutionary feature initially introduced with DownScan Imaging, is now available on SideScan as well. FishReveal makes it quicker and easier for anglers to recognize fish targets by blending the fish arches from CHIRP sonar with the picture-like images of structure on both sides of the boat. This integrated view simplifies fish
identification and enables anglers to make informed decisions about their fishingstrategy.

The Active Imaging HD Fish Reveal Transducer allows anglers to search large areas for fish-holding structures efficiently. Its ability to cover more water in a shorter period makes it an invaluable tool for locating productive fishing spots. Additionally, this transducer enables anglers to explore shallow areas that may be inaccessible to their boats, such as the shoreline or banks, providing a comprehensive view of the underwater environment.

The Active Imaging HD Transducer is compatible with HDS PRO models, offering seamless integration and support for its advanced features. HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, and Elite FS require the addition of an S3100 Sonar Module to unlock the full potential of Active Imaging HD. This compatibility ensures that anglers can leverage the transducer's capabilities with their existing Lowrance displays, enhancing their fishing experience without the need for extensive equipment upgrades.

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The New Transducers: 

Lowrance Active Imaging HD 3-In-1 FishReveal 

Lowrance Active Imaging HD 3-in-1

Don't forget to add the S3100 if you do not have a HDS Pro
If you do want to use the Fish Reveal transducer with a Pro you will need the S3100 as well.