The New Power-Pole Move

For the last 5 years, it has been rumored that Power-Pole would eventually launch a trolling motor that would change the game. Earlier this year Power-Pole launched the Move. The Move Pivot (MOVE PT) and Move Scissor (MOVE ZR).

The greatness of this trolling motor has already been exemplified in the first Major League Fishing event on the Kissimmee Chain of lakes in Florida. Chris Lane, long time Power Pole sponsored angler was using the new Move and won over $100,000 in early February. Lane as well as several other professional bass anglers are already sporting this new motor, giving them an edge in competition. Professional angler and Bassmaster Elite Series professional, Drew Benton has had the Move on his boat for a few months. Benton says, “The Power-Pole Move is, hands down the fastest, most quiet, and solidly built trolling motor I have ever run. In every category, they raised the bar and without question is
the best trolling motor money can buy”. This new motor will soon put itself atop the list of tournament grade trolling motors for bass anglers.

Check out some of the details that make the Move a great option for your boat:
-100 Pound Thrust
-24-36 Volt Capable
-30% lighter than competitors
-Stealth Steering Drive
-Brushless Motor with more power and less RPM’s
-Tech Flow Propeller for added silence
-Compass and Vector straight line heading
-Follow-A-Route compatible with ProNav or Simrad/Lowrance displays
-Digital Info Display for Speed and Power information
-Titanium Shaft with a lifetime warranty
-3 year warranty

PT Models
-Step and Stow Pedal
-Quick Release Mount
-Wireless Hybrid Remote (2)
-Mountable Charging Cradle
-45”, 52”, 60”, 72” Shaft Lengths

ZR Models
-Real Feel Foot Pedal, with adjustable tensions for different water conditions
-Wireless Hybrid Remote (1)
-Wireless Charging Cradle
-Anchor Mode Button
-Vector Heading Button
-Sonar optional with Lawrence

-45”, 52”, 60” Shaft Lengths

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