All New NSX Series by Simrad   

Simrad is always pushing the limits of their multifunction platforms, both for performance and for value. Their newest series, called NSX, is offered in 7", 9", and 12" touchscreens. NSX has most of the features of the top-of-the-line NSS Series, but with a much smaller price tag. It has an internal GPS, networking, and built-in sonar.

User Friendly  

The Simrad NSX Series offers a new "drag and drop" interface allowing for easy screen customizations. This makes changing screen layouts a breeze. To go along with this "easy" theme, they also have a new system setup wizard. The setup wizard can configure everything from tank levels, to engine data to radar configuration.

The user experience is enhanced even further with the use of C-Map Discover X and Reveal X charts with depth contours down to a foot, and customizable depth shading. The depth shading feature allows the user to define what color the bottom should be at certain depths, making navigation and situational awareness much better. These unots also have autoguidance, or auto-routing. This enables the chartplotter to create a route that is safe for your bost at the touch of a button. The new interface also has next generation day and night modes for easy viewing in any lighting condition.

NSX is capable of using Simrad's Companion App. This app does a number of things from syncing routes, and planning. Weather, AIS, Sonar, Points of Interest, you name it. The Simrad Companion App is available free for Andoid and Apple devices. There is a paid version as well with some additional features, like 5 day weather forecasts along route.



Connections / Ports / Compatibility  

Radar: NSX is compatible with the full range of Halo radars. From small domes to huge open arrays. All radar functions like radar overlay are supported.

Sonar: Each screen has one sonar port on the back for a 9 Pin Xsonic Transducer. The system wil support up to 1kW CHIRP Transducers. It will support Active Imaging, DownScan and SideScan.

Ethernet: The NSX Units offer one Simrad ethernet port in the back to connect to a Simrad ethernet network, or to allow a single network device, like a Halo Radar" to connect to the NSX unit. A Simrad network can be expanded using the Simrad NEP-2 expansion hub.

NMEA2000: NSX is fully NMEA 2000 capable, and can integrate with popular NMEA2000 devices like AIS systems, Audio Systems, Engines and more. There is one NMEA 2000 port on the back of the unit.

USB: There is a USB Port on the back which is used for a 4G Dongle to support internet connectivity.

MicroSD: There is a MicroSD port on the back for software updates and to load mapping or transfer user data.

WIFI: These units have wifi connectivity and can connect to a 2.4Hz router or hotspot for internet connectivity, software updates and chart updates.

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