Simrad has just released information on their new NSS evo3S series coming this Fall, 2020. The units will be offered in 9, 12 and 16 inch IPS displays. This unit is fully loaded with total integration to Simrad products, a new IMBX8 processor, superior sonar performance and improved pre-loaded charts. The NSSevo3S is perfect for powerboats, sportfishing and cruising boats. Hopefully this article will answer all of your questions and limit confusion on these newly upgraded units. 

LAYOUT: The NSSevo3S will have SolarMAX IPS displays to ensure clear views in any conditions, fully visible through polarized sunglasses. The unit features all-weather touchscreen and keypad for total control, all the time. Faster page changes, smoother transitions and multi-tasking like no other.

NSS9 Evo3S Screen Resolution: 720x1280 and Dimensions: 11.30" x 6.55" x 3.50" 

NSS12 Evo3S Screen Resolution: 800x1280 and Dimensions: 13.84" x 8.87" x 3.82" - New Feature- 6 Panel Split!

NSS16 Evo3S Screen Resoltion: 1080x1920 and Dimensions: 17.19" x 10.08" x 3.82" - New Feature- 6 Panel Split!

ANTENNAS: This unit will have a 10Hz built in GPS antenna with the option to add on an external GPS antenna for the unique conditions where the built in does not get a clear signal. Like the original NSS Evo3, the unit will have built in Wi-Fi connectivity to connect to external devices like an Ipad. 

CHARTING: One big change from the Evo3 to the Evo3S series is the pre-loaded mapping. All new and improved CMAP charts will include high-resolution bathymetry with 1 foot contours for inland and coastal mapping, easy routing capability and C-MAp Reveal embedded for Florida. The units are still compatible with a wide range of maps including Insight, Navionics (Gold, Nav+, Platinum+), C-MAP (Max N, Max N+, Reveal), and CMOR. 

SONAR: The units are equipped with high performance echosounder with 1kW CHIRP-enabled sonar supported with SideScan and DownScan Imaging boosted by the Active Imaging transducer for picture like views of structure and clear views of the bottom. There are two 9 pin Xsonic sonar ports on each unit. Sonar Port 1 supports single channel CHIRP, 50/200 khz, HDI. Sonar Port 2 supports single channel CHIRP, 50/200 khz, Totalscan, Active Imaging, LSS HD and Forwardscan technology. 

Additional Compatible Sonar Modules: SonarHub, BSM-3, BSM-2 and for deep water, try out the S5100 Sonar. 

AUTOPILOTS: Simrad autopilots will interface directly to the EVO3s series. You can choose to run the pilot directly through the MFD or get an autopilot controller for dual control. Using a Simrad autopilot and EVO3s you will have full routing capabilities using the touchscreen to plan out courses and routes. Check out Simrad autopilots here.

RADAR: All of Simrads digital radars will network easily with the EVO3s. Simrad has multiple options available including closed dome, open array and new doppler technology availble. The most popular choice is the Halo 20+ radar. View all Simrad compatible radars here

Upgrading your unit has never been simpler. All product dimensions are identical, all connectors are identical, screw holes and mounting brackets are identical. Upgrade today!

NSS9 Evo3 Dimensions and Flush Mount Template


NSS12 Evo3 Dimensions and Flush Mount Template


NSS12 Evo3 Dimensions and Flush Mount Template