Introducing Simrad's new middle of the line VHF radio, the RS40, newest replacement to the RS35. Simrad decided to take it to the next level with the new affordable VHF which features Track Buddy, Navigation Mode, Built in AIS and the option to add up to two wireless handsets. Purchase your new Simrad RS40 at BOE Marine with expert advice, free shipping, and the best shopping experience. 

Fast Facts:

  • Large screen with intuitive user interface
  • New front mountable design for easy installation
  • Low profile design to align with the style of Simrad MFD's
  • Seamless integration with a wider Simrad system through NMEA 2000 and 0183
  • Built in AIS receiver monitors the position of nearby AIS vessels assiting in collision avoidance
  • Optional: add up to two wireless handsets with inductive charging
  • Sleek design with removable fist mic
  • Class D DSC Functionality with built in GPS
  • Matches Simrad GO, NSS and NSO displays


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GPS 4 Ways

If you are thinking about upgrading your VHF to the new RS40, you will love the new features that Simrad has added all in one unit. The RS40 now has four ways to ensure GPS safety at all times. Introducing, GPS 4-Ways. 

  •  GPS antenna in the face of the radio
  •  SMA connector that can be coupled with a GPS-500 antenna
  •  NMEA 0183 and 2000 connections will connect GPS data from another chartplotter or antenna already installed.


Track Buddy

 On the Simrad RS40 you can now track up to 5 buddies by adding the MMSI of VHF into your contact list. Great feature to keep track of family, and those friends that can find the fish before you.

Navigation Mode

With a simple touch of a button you can turn on Nav mode on your VHF displaying you speed and course. Holding down the NAV/MOB button will launch the Man Overboard function by dropping a waypoint of your current location which will start MOB mode to show you how far away you are and where you need to steer to get back to the position of MOB event. 


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What's In the Box?


1. VHF Radio Base Station 000-14470-001

2. Remote Hand Mic 000-14921-001

3. Bracket for Gimble Mounting 000-14917-001

4. Gasket for recessed mounting 000-14915-001

5. Sun Cover 000-14912-001

6. Knobs for Bracket 000-14917-001

7. Bezel trim 000-14915-001

8. 8A Spare Fuse 

9. Bulkhead mount for hand mic 000-14919-001

10. 2pcs 3.5x20mm, stainless steel, panhead phillips 000-14919-001

11. 8pcs 4x25mm, stainless steel, panhead phillips 000-14917-001

12.  Documents: User Manual, warranty card, mounting template



Installation and Mounting

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