Here at BOE Marine we have been installing the SIMRAD FORWARDSCAN SONAR for some time.

This system is a great enhancement to safety. Forwardscan provides two dimensional forward looking sonar views of the bottom ahead of your boat.

The Forwardscan operates at a distance of 8 times the depth forward. 10ft depth = 80ft out. Two boat lengths on a forty footer. Forwardscan is a great defense against running aground.

In shoaling or shallow waters, in poorly charted areas or whilst gunkholing. Searching out and locating a secure place to anchor, Forwardscan adds another tool to your box of tricks.

Displacement speeds is where these forward looking sonars excel, giving you ample time to stop. All in all a great bit of kit and a great safety aid. Better than knowing the depth water where you have just been.

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