Raymarine has launched a new series called Axiom.  Their Axiom 12 comes a number of ways.  You can get the Axiom 12 with or without charts.  With or without an internal sonar, and with or without transducer.  If you see RV in the name, it means Realvision.  Realivision is a 3D view of the water under the boat, in real time.  If you do not see RV in the name then the unit is not sonar capable.

The multifunction display is offered with or without charts.  If you see LNC in the name this means it has Raymarine's own Lighthouse Raster and Vector charts.   These are beautiful maps that look much like a real chart. In fact, Raster Charts are a photocopy of a real chart. If you see Navionics in the name then the unit is preloaded with Navionics.  Navionics have their own unique, high quality look, that many mariners prefer. 

Raymarine has recently introduced the Pro version with hybrid touch, buttons and touchscreen.  The Axiom Pro comes in a RVX version which offers Realvision and 1kW CHIRP. Same chart options as the non-Pro.  The Pro version is also offered with only CHIRP and withour Realvision.  This is the "S" model. 

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Axiom Pro: