Recently Wet Sounds, the premier maker of marine & motorsports audio products, announced their new Stealth AS-6 fully contained 6" Subwoofer. This is for use in any adverse environment like Boats, Golf Carts, Side by sides, etc. I had previously mounted a Stealth 10 Soundbar on my Golf Cart so I though this would be a great time to mount a Stealth AS6 Subwoofer to really "fill out" the sound. The Stealth 10 Sound Bar sounds good on it's own, but does lack the seat thumping bass that a subwoofer provides. 

Retailing at $399, he AS-6 arrives ready to go, just remove it from the box and plug it in to 12V power and an audio source. It is very high quality in typical Wet Sounds fashion. The cables are all thick,and the unit itself is rotomolded plastic. It feels very durable.

The AS-6 is approx 9 inches square and fits perfectly in the rear compartment of our EZGO Golf Cart. The golf cart has a ridge on the bottom of this space so I had to use some spacers (washers) to raise the AS-6 about a half inch.

The AS6 Subwoofer has mounting feet that can be rotated so they extend off whatever side you want. This is a great feature making installation a breeze. Or you could get fancy and mount directly into the threaded inserts in the unit from the underside of your mounting surface.

The connections are simple. The Stealth AS-6 has a built-in amp. All you need to do is connect 12V power using the supplied cables with ring terminals already in place, so it is ready to connect to a battery. Then you need to connect it to the Audio Output of your sound system using the supplied 3.5mm male jack. If your audio source has RCA outputs instead of a 3.5mm output then you'll need a 3.5mm to RCA adapter (female 3.5mm on one end, male RCA's on the other). The other connections are a "wake-up wire" to turn the unit on. This can connect to a 12V switch or to the remote "amp on" wire on your stereo. It optionally does not need to connect to anything since the AS-6 is able to "wake-up" whenever it senses an audio source. I opted to install mine this way. The final connection is an input for the included Line Level control to turn volume up or down on the Sub. This is also optional. What I found is that you can connect it to adjust your gain (volume) and it will remember the setting once you remove it. I opted not to install the Gain Adjuster knob since it is not waterproof and my Golf Cart is often out in the elements. 

Once all the connections are made you can go to the back of the AS-6 Stealth Subwoofer to adjust the settings. This is done by removing the clear plate. Be sure to keep your gain a little lower than your final setting so the sub has time to properly break-in. Let is break in for about 8 or 10 hours. The settings include a 3 way switch for how you want the unit to wake up. I set mine to "Audio" so it will turn on when it senses an audio signal. A phase switch which I left in the upper position. Also three adjustment knobs, Bass Boost, Crossover, and Gain.

Here is an image of the Stealth 10 Sound Bar so you can see what we are connecting to. The Stealth10 has a 3.5mm Audio-Out which is our Audio source for the AS6 Subwoofer. 

Installation took me about an hour. It was very easy and straightforward. Turning it on is simple. Just turn on the Stealth10 Sound Bar, connect it to an Audio Source which in my case was Pandora via Bluetooth from an Ipad, and the sub wakes up and the entire system makes awesome sound. 

Buy the Wet Sounds Stealth AS-6 Sound Bar Here

And last but not least, a brief video showing how easy it is to use and showcasing the great sound. great as I could record using a cell phone camera! It does thump! With the gain all the way up I could feel the bass for sure. It has enough to make the whole golf cart rattle if you want!