If you are shopping for an autopilot you've no doubt run across Garmin's new Smartpump.  You've also probably had some sticker shock from the price.  Why does it cost so much and what does it do?  

First, the Smartpump features a brushless motor design.  This feature alone accounts for much of the improvement and Garmin is the only one to offer such a design.  A brushless motor increases reliability, runs quieter, increases pump life, reduces power consumption and is more efficient.  It also enables a host of performance features such as Garmin's Intelligent Rudder Rate Technology (IRRT).  This will increase or decrease rudder deflection as boat speed increases or decreases.

Garmin's Smartpump is also unique in that "one size fits all".  The pump will automatically adjust flow rate to suit just about any boat. All of these enhancements add up to a pump that will keep the boat perfectly straight in any sea and wind conditions. 

Mounting is easy.  The compact design of the pump will fit in tight spaces and it ultimately "T's" into your steering system like a traditional autopilot pump making new installations and retro-fits easy. 


The Smartpump is a major leap in autopilot design which gives Garmin a great foundation to create overall improvements from. It is well worth the upcharge.  If you have any questions or comments please let us know!

Typical Hydraulic Installation w/o Power Assist

Typical Installation with power Assist


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