The Lowrance HDS Gen3 Series is Lowrance's latest release for 2015 packed full of Lowrance's latest technology!  Built-in Down Scan, Side Scan, CHIRP, Wifi and more.  We can help you pick out the right system for your boat. In fact, Lowrance has recently instituted a new pricing structure, so these units will be offered at the same price no matter who you buy from. You might as well buy from the dealer that will advise you on how to properly outfit your boat for your needs, and the dealer that will pick up the phone after the sale to answer your questions once you start using the new system.  BOE is that dealer, we have the deepest knowledge base of any marine electronics retailer.   We'll be glad to help you! 

If you ever find a lower price, whether it is a dealer rebate, or package deal or whatever, just let us know and we'll match it if able.  And you'll still be able to get our World Class support.

This "Buyer's Guide" is intended to give a brief overview of the units.  It should serve to answer basic questions.  You are welcomed to call or email us for a more thorough discussion.  

The Basics:

Lowrance started the HDS Series in 2010, and it has been their most popular series to date.  It first started as units with buttons, then they released the Gen2 Version.  Then a Gen2 Touch version which offered touchscreen and a few buttons.  And now they have Gen3!  Gen3 units feature a multi-touch touch screen, and a full keypad.  The units have almost everything built right into them including a digital sounder, CHIRP sounder, Sidescan, Downscan, internal GPS antenna, Bluetooth and Wifi!  These units are are available in 7", 9" and 12" screen sizes.  Lowrance has owned the fresh water market forever. These units are no exception however they do also cross over to saltwater.  They will be a great addition to any near coastal and inland saltwater boat. While they will work offshore just fine, most poeple would opt for their sister brand, Simrad, for offshore use. 

Model Numbers:

Lowrance keeps their model numbers very simply.  Basically, it is "HDS" followed by the screen size.  So the HDS-7 is a 7" unit, HDS-9 is a 9" unit and so on.  In years past they offered an "M" version that did not have the built-in fishfinder, like the HDS-7M, but they no longer do this.  It is basically 3 different models and the only difference is screen size. All of them have the exact same features and capabilities.  Simple would be too easy, these manufacturers love to take simple and screw it up with multiple sku's.  The HDS Series is no exception.  These 3 units are available in various versions, but all that changes are the transducers included in the box.  So no matter what the base model is, like HDS-7 Gen3, it will be the same HDS-7 Gen3 that comes in any of the variants that include transducers. 

The 3 HDS models are sold 4 ways.  

  1. Without transducer - ideal if you want to add a CHIRP ducer or a thru-hull ducer
  2. with 83/200 Transom Mount Transducer - ideal for fishing up to about 150' on small boats up to about 28'
  3. with 50/200 Transom Mount Transducer - ideal for fishing beyond 150' for small boats up to about 28'
  4. With 83/200 Transom Mount and LSS2 Side/Down Imaging Transducer - best way to get both the 83/200 and side imaging ducers, great value


The new HD Gen-3 unit's capabilites are nearly endless.  They are capable of doing just about any technoogy that is currently known to man.  To start with they have an internal GPS Antenna.  So there is no need to mount an external antenna unless the unit is buried in a pilothouse or metal electronics box. They have multiple built-in fishfinders.  These include their best-in-class Broadband sonar which utilizes traditional transducers, their single band CHIRP sonar capability that can utilize CHIRP Transducers, their SideScan/Downscan sonar which utilizes the Lowrance LSS transducers and paints a 3D picture of the bottom, and their new SpotlightScan Sonar which can view a full 360 degrees around the boat!  These units are also fully networkable meaning, among other things, that you can have several of these units on the boat and they can share the transducer connected to just one of the units.  Popular on bass boats that want to have a unit at the bow and one at the helm for example. These units can also do radar, AIS, Video, control an autopilot, even map the bottom.  The HDS Series is cutting edge for sure!


  • Broadband Sonar - this is the traditional sonar that offers a scrolling color picture of what is under the boat and the bottom.  The image we all associate with a FF. The output power is 500W, although any Transducer up to 1kW are ideal. Any Airmar traditional ducers that have a part number that ends in "-BL" will work with these units. Lowrance's 83/200 and 50/200 Transom Mount ducers work well too.
    • Popular Transducers:
      • 83/200 Transom Mount
      • 50/200 Transom Mount
      • Airmar B60-20 Through Hull 20 degree - also available in 0 degree and 12 degree
      • Airmar P66 600W Tansom Mount
  • CHIRP Sonar - CHIRP is the latest technology in fishfinding.  It creates a similar picture to the Broadband Sonar, however it is much more refined with less clutter.  CHIRP is a combination of the CHIRP technology in the unit used in conjunction with a CHIRP transducer.  We recommend using a CHIRP transducer with the HDS Series in lieu of a traditional transducer.   These transducers also have the Blue plug that the traditional ducers use.  A HDS unit can only use one or the other, both can't be plugged in at the same time.  The HDS Gen3 Series uses single band CHIRP, meaning it can only operate at one frequency range.  
    • Popular CHIRP Ducers
      • TM150M Transom Mount 300W
      • B150M-20 Thru Hull 300W 20 degree - also available in 12 and 0 degree
      • B75M-20 Thru Hull 600W 20 degree - also available in 12 and 0 degree, and Hi or Low Freq
  • Sidescan/Downscan - The new HDS Gen3 units have Sidescan and Downscan built right into them.  Sidescan is a relatively new technology that paints a 3D image of what is under the boat and what is out to about 150' on each side. Downscan is a view similar to what a traditonal fishfinder creates, however it better defines the structure of things.  So trees and brush look like trees and brush on the screen.  A very helpful tool for getting right on top of structure, while the Sidescan is great for finding structure. 
    • Popular Sidescan/Downscan Transducers
      • LSS2 Transom Mount 
      • LSS2 Thru-Hull
      • LSS2 Thru-Hull Pair (ideal for boats with a keel or deep vee that need to see to both sides)
      • All new Totalscan Transducer
  • SpotlightScan - A whole new technology from Navico that literally enables an angler to look wherever they want under the boat.  The transducer mounts to a trolling motor. Just rotate the motor to take a look around. Almost like putting on a set of goggles, dipping your head underwater, and seeing whatcha got.  Great for small boats with trolling motors. 
    • Spotlightscan Transducer


HDS Gen3 is also a sophisticated radar unit, utilizing Lowrance's 3G and 4G Broadband Radar Domes.  These are the absolute best short range radars available.  Ideal for Navigation. The 3G radar is great if you are on a budget.  If you want long range performance similar to a traditional radar then you'll want to consider the 4G. These radars are very easy to install, and connect to the HDS units via ethernet.  If a radar is connected to one display it can be viewed on any HDS unit connected to the Lowrance ethernet network.  These radars and HDS units are also capable of radar overlay when used with a heading sensor like the Point-1 GPS, and capable of vessel tracking (MARPA) when connected to a gyro compass like the Simrad RC42. 

    • Lowrance 3G Radar
    • Lowrance 4G Radar


Links to Units:

HDS-7 7" Screen

  • HDS-7 w/83/200 Ducer
  • HDS-7 w/50/200 Ducer
  • HDS-7 w/83/200 & Structurescan (Best Value)
  • HDS-7 w/o Ducer
  • HDS-7 w/Totalscan 

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HDS-9 9" Screen

  • HDS-9 w/83/200 Ducer
  • HDS-9 w/50/200 Ducer
  • HDS-9 w/83/200 & Structurescan
  • HDS-9 w/o Ducer

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HDS-12 12" Screen

  • HDS-12 w/83/200 Ducer
  • HDS-12 w/50/200 Ducer
  • HDS-12 w/83/200 & Structurescan
  • HDS-12 w/o Ducer

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