Humminbird has 3 levels of products currently available, and offer support for several now discontinued models.


Solix are the top of the line Humminbird Fishfinders. They have bright, clear screens, designed to be viewed in harsh sunlight with polarized glasses. The Solix series have a sensitive touchscreen and buttons on the side for operation even in rough conditions. Every Solix has a ethernet screw port on the back allowing direct networking between units, or to a 360 transducer. Any Solix on the networking with Mega Imaging will share it with all other units on the network, regardless of what imaging capabilities the other units have.  These units are built on a new operating system, limiting the networking available between them and Helix/700/800/900/1000 units.


Helix series fishfinders are the staple of the Humminbird brand. They offer enhanced networking, upgraded basemaps, chirp sounder, and megaimaging for the clearest returns possible.  Helix models are currently available as G2’s, or G2N’s. G2 stands for generation two, and G2N stands for generation two, networking. The G2N models support ethernet connectivity between models, allowing the sharing of maps, waypoints, and sonar. To network a G2N model you need a AS EC QDE adapter to go to the unit, and then a ethernet cable.  Helix units can view the sonar of other units that share the same imaging capabilities. So a non-mega imaging head unit can’t view mega imaging over the network.


Piranha series are value minded fishfinders without networking or GPS. They have a high resolution 4.3” screen, and are available in a portable format, and a down imaging format.