Garmin recently introduced the Panoptix LiveScope transducer featuring live, real time scanning sonar. Pick your targets and skip wasting casts. The transducer combines the Panoptix all-seeing sonar featuring forward, backwards, sideways and down views with LiveScope capabilities.


Key Features:

  • See high detailed bait and fish swimming below and around your boat in real time
  • Adjust transducer to your fishing preferences, point forward to see around your boat or down to see below your boat
  • LiveScope down and forward offers ranges up to 200'
  • Attitude Heading Reference System adjusts sonar beams to compensate for boat movement, perfect for all conditions
  • Easy installation and integration with Garmin chartplotter through Garmin Marine Network cable

Two Modes One Unit

You get both Livescope Down and Forward technology in one tracnsducer. This makes it simple to adjust the transducer to fit your fishing technique. By using the Livescope Down you can see directly below your boat up to 200'. The Livescope Forward will allow you to get a clear image of both structure and fish caround you. This is great to use when scouting and fishing ahead of your cast. These easy-to-interpret images will then automatically display on your compatible Garmin unit giving you incredible detail of what is below you and around you at all times. 

LiveScope Forward 

Livescope Down


What's in the Box?

      • LiveScope GLS 10 sonar black box
      • Panoptix LVS32 transducer
      • Trolling motor barrel mount
      • Trolling motor shaft mount
      • Transom mount
      • Power cable
      • 2 meter Garmin marine network cable, small connector
      • Network adapter cable
      • Mounting hardware
      • Documentation

Product Specs:

      • GLS 10 sonar black box: 9.6” x 5.9” x 2.6” (24.5 x 14.9 x 6.5 cm)

      • LVS32 transducer: 5.4” x 3.8” x 1.8” (13.7 x 9.7 x 4.6 cm)
      • Transmit Power: 500 W
      • Transducer Cable Length: 20ft
      • Number of Pins: 21

Mounting Options:


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