BOE Marine is offering the best warranty ever on Airmar transducers. Now, you can get a full 3 year warranty from date of purchase on transducer installations!  How does it work? If you buy a transducer with a value of $400 or more from BOE Marine, and pay for the warranty upgrade, we will actually test your transducer at time of purchase/install to confirm operation and register the transducer with Airmar. 

Without this upgrade Airmar transducers are warranteed for 2 years from the date of manufacture.  So if your transducer sat on a shelf for 8 months which is common, then you are really only getting a 1 year and 4 month warranty. Our program actually resets this date to the date of purchase instead of the date of manufacture, and it adds an additional 3rd year. We will then register the transducer electronically with Airmar, and provide you a comprehensive report showing the health of your new transducer.  This program works on any Airmar transducer with a value of $400 or more, even if it is rebranded with another manufacturer like Garmin. The new Airmar factory direct warranty we activate for you will supercede all other warrantees for the best coverage. 

How do you obtain this extended warranty?

Upon installation our technicians can apply the test using the Airmar TDT1000 transducer tester and record the results with Airmar electronically.  This will timestamp your warranty to start from that day and get you an additional year of coverage.  We are working on building a network of testers nationwide so that you can buy a transducer from us then have it tested upon installation to activate the warranty.   Call us before ordering and we can check your area.


We charge a $75 fee for the warranty activation and diagnostics check.  We'll provide you with an electronics report showing the health of your transducer.   Please call us if you have any questions or would like to arrange for our 3 Year Warranty program.