A word on backorders from our CEO

If you have been shopping for electronics, trolling motors, and just about everything else you'll notice just about everything is backordered. It is a real problem. We have altered our way of processing orders to take a two pronged approach to getting our customers the equipment they want in the fastest time possible.  We'll go into detail below. Before that, I want to take a moment to explain the online landscape so you'll know what goes on behind the scenes when you place an online order.

"We have fully turned our attention to handling backorders in a manner to get products to customers as soon as possible.  A backorder in our system is no longer sitting unnoticed in the background. We have staffed up to ensure we use every available channel to fill backorders as soon as possible.  - Emily Powers, VP of Ecommerce"

The companies 

There are a few styles of companies that you'll find selling online.

Drop shippers - These companies generally are not dealers for anything they sell. They do not have direct relationships with the manufacturers. When pickins are slim on product, they are the last one in line.  You can spot these companies by doing a google search of their address.  If it is a suite, or a house, or even at a warehouse of a larger company then they are drop shippers. 

Direct Dealers - These are companies like ours. Direct Dealers for the brands we carry. We procure product directly from the manufacturers, and lean heavily on distribution centers around the country for these brands to fulfill product. We have our own warehouse. Our orders generally fill from our own inventory and from these distribution centers, which is why we are able to ship entire orders made up of dozens of products the same day.

Chain Stores - West Marine, Academy, Bass Pro, etc.  These companies generally buy key products in bulk and warehouse themselves. Their selection is limited to the most popular products, and if they don't have something in stock, your order is likely not going to prompt them to get it anytime soon.   Chain stores are great for having a local place you can drive to pick something up. But not great if you need advice or help in putting together an elaborate system tailored to your needs. 

So what are we doing that is different? 

When you place a backorder at BOE, we immediately put your order in queue in our own internal system for inventory we have coming here. We also put your order in at one or more of the national distribution centers. So you get to the highest point possible on the supply channels.  If our shipment comes in first here, we ship from here.  If it shows up at a distribution center and your name is next on the list, it ships from there.  We do not wait for other parts and pieces to hold up the order.  We will ship what is available, when it becomes available.  This has put major stress on our order processing department, making sure no stone gets unturned in getting you product as soon as it becomes available.  This is our focus. 

Our terms for backorders:

- We encourage customers to keep on the lookout for whatever products are backordered.  But don't put orders in with anybody else until you have canceled your order with us. This will prevent you from getting a double shipment. What often happens is a manufacturer will ship out pallets of product at once to dealers, then all of a sudden everybody has the long awaited product. So make sure you cancel with us, before ordering somewhere else.  As long as your order hasn't shipped we'll gladly refund you in full right away.

- Your card is charged when you place the backorder.  In this fast moving market it is literally impossible for us to try to track down customers when product arrives to get payment.  Especially if the item ships from a distribution center.  So we collect payment up front so our staff can maintain their focus on fulfilling orders

- While we love talking to our customers as often as possible, we ask that  you do not call to check with us every other day to request a shipping date. In most cases we simply do not know. Our only guarantee is that you will get it the absolute fastest way possible with us placing your order for fulfillment the way we do.  When you place your order you'll be given the expected shipping window.  Your order may ship sooner, or later.  We are at the manufacturers will.   

- Jim Maier

CEO - BOE Marine