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  1. Simrad Cruise Buyers Guide 5, 7, 9

    In 2019 Simrad has introduced their new Cruise Series.  These units are offered in 5, 7 and 9 inch versions.  If you are in need of a full featured chartplotter and a capable sonar then the Cruise should be all you need.  And with the low price point, you may be able to get a larger screen size than you could with other units.  The Cruise Series is ideal for boats with simple navigational needs.  Wakeboard boats, small fishing boats, express cruisers and sail boats. 

    Simrad Cruise - What you need to know:

    • They share a similar menu and interface to Simrad top of the line series. 
    • There is an internal GPS antenna
    • The built-in Sonar is CHIRP, it uses the Lowrance Hook2 style plug. There is an adapter available to allow older Simrad/Lowrance 7 Pin Blue transducers to work on it.  The unit will only handle 83/200 frequencies. 
    • A transom mounted 83/200 trans
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  2. Garmin Panoptix LiveScope System

    Garmin recently introduced the Panoptix LiveScope transducer featuring live, real time scanning sonar. Pick your targets and skip waisting casts. The transducer can be mounted on a trolling motor for forward and down views, or on the transom for downward-looking views.

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  3. Simrad Launches New RS40 Fixed Mount VHF

    Introducing Simrad's new mid-level VHF radio, the RS40, newest replacement to the RS35. Simrad decided to take it to the next level with the new affordable VHF which features Track Buddy, Navigation Mode, Built in AIS and the option to add up to two wireless handsets. Purchase your new Simrad RS40 at BOE Marine with expert advice, free shipping, and the best shopping experience.

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  4. Active Imaging by Simrad and Lowrance

    The new Active imaging 3-in-1 transom mount transducer was released this Fall. You can now have extremely detailed, high resolution imaging without losing range. Active imaging bundles CHIRP sonar with the new Active imaging down scan and side scan views giving you total coverage below your boat.

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  5. Garmin 8600 Series Buyers Guide, GPSMAP 8610xsv, 8612xsv, 8616xsv

    Garmin has recently discontinued their proven 7600 Series and upgraded their 10", 12: and 16" units up to their "best in class" 8600 Series standards. Let's dive into these new units and see what they are all about.  This article will only be discussing the 10", 12" and 16" and will not include the larger displays.

    What you need to know:

    • Garmin 8600 Series units are available in 10", 12", and 16" displays, and are offered as a networkable chartplotter or as a chartplotter/sounder combo. The chartplotter/sounder combo models are followed by "XSV", such as 8612XSV.  The screens are sunlight viewable and have very wide viewing angles.   The high resolution
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  6. Lowrance Elite Ti2 Buyers Guide, Reviews, Elite-12, Elite-9, Elite-7

    Lowrance has released what is arguably the best bang for the buck for chartplotter/fishfinder combos.

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  7. Lowrance HDS LIVE Series - HDS-7, HDS-9, HDS-12, HDS-16 - Buyers Guide & Reviews

    The new HDS LIVE Series Explained. Get to know the new units including specs, dimensions, images and more.

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  8. Raymarine Axiom 12 MFD RVX Realvision 3D Sonar

    Raymarine has launched a new series called Axiom.  Their Axiom 12 comes a number of ways.  You can get the Axiom 12 with or without charts.  With or without an internal sonar, and with or without transducer.  If you see RV in the name, it means Realvision.  Realivision is a 3D view of the water under the boat, in real time.  If you do not see RV in the name then the unit is not sonar capable.

    The multifunction display is offered with or without charts.  If you see LNC in the name this means it has Raymarine's own Lighthouse Raster and Vector charts.   These are beautiful maps that look much like a real chart. In fact, Raster Charts are a photocopy of a real chart. If you see Navionics in the name then the unit is preloaded with Navionics.  Navionics have their own unique, high quality look, that many mariners prefer. 

    Raymarine has recently introduced the Pro version with hybrid touch, buttons and touchscreen.  The Axiom Pro comes in a RVX version wh

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  9. Humminbird Buyers Guide

    Humminbird has 3 levels of products currently available, and offer support for several now discontinued models.


    Solix are the top of the line Humminbird Fishfinders. They have bright, clear screens, designed to be viewed in harsh sunlight with polarized glasses. The Solix series have a sensitive touchscreen and buttons on the side for operation even in rough conditions. Every Solix has a ethernet screw port on the back allowing direct networking between units, or to a 360 transducer. Any Solix on the networking with Mega Imaging will share it with all other units on the network, regardless of what imaging capabilities the other units have.  These units are built on a new operating system, limiting the networking available between them and Helix/700/800/900/1000 units.


    Helix series fishfinders are the staple of the Humminbird brand. They offer enhanced networking, upgraded basemaps, chirp sounder, and megaimaging for the clearest returns possible. 

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  10. Wet Sounds Speakers, Amps, Subwoofers and Accessories - Reviews, FAQ, Tutorials

    Wet Sounds marine grade electronics have been a top tier product in the  recreational boating market since they first arrived in the industry. They sell a variety of high quality electronic devices that have become the "go to" choice for many boaters. As a certified dealer for Wet Sounds we have received nothing but excellent feedback on their products, and have had a great experience with the brand ourselves doing high end installations at our MD Facility.

    What to look for from Wet Sounds:

    Wet Sounds sells high end speakers, amps, sub woofers, sound bars, wiring accessories, and lighting. They have established themselves as the absolute top-of-the-line in the marine audio category.  Hopefully this page will assist anyone looking for high quality parts in these categories m

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